Chad Sakac is letting his new found ability to fly go to his head. Last weekend, “Captain Canada” started DMing me about how great his cufflink compilation was and calling me an amateur collector. Well, I am hearby challenging him to put his wrists where his mouth is.

Starting on Monday, we are going to go cuff-to-cuff daily. Each of us is going to send a picture of a pair in situ to a neural third party to post on our behalf and let the twitterverse decide who has the best “drinks”.


  • Each weekday this week, we will send to @scottdelandy a picture of one pair of links and a short description (75 chars max)
  • Scott will post both pictures, a round number for each day, the description and the #cufflinkthrowdown hashtag as well as tagging both Chad and I in both pics
  • We will encourage any and all to retweet and like their favorite picture for each round
  • Scott, Chad, I and others are free, nay encouraged, to smack talk as much as we want, but neither Chad nor I can solicit likes for a particular picture
  • Before posting the next day’s pics, Scott will compare the likes from the previous posts and announced the winning picture, but not the owner
  • Next weekend Scott will post the final blow-by-blow results and announce the winner of the first annual Cufflink Throwdown
  • Cufflinks cannot immediately identify the wearer to the masses at large, that means my 5 pair of hammer and sickle links are out, as are any maple leaves from the Canuck — but ones that show personal interest are allowed
  • Others are free to “write in” with their own pics and submissions, and any posts that get more likes that the combatants may qualify for honorable mentions and some schwag, but cannot be official entrants

Besides bragging rights and the title of Cufflink Champion, the winner will get to wear the one-of-a-kind and highly converted X links for a year to show off his sartorial prowess.

X Cufflinks
To the victor go the spoils

And yo, Chad, despite what you think, cufflinks don’t look good on spandex! Bring. It. ON.