I had the most interesting experience this past November 8th. I was asked to present at the Dell EMC Russia Forum in Moscow. When I checked the date, I realized it would be on election day. Being eager to get back to Moscow  I voted absentee and went back to working on the two presentations I was to deliver in Russian.

Yet I neglected to take a few things into account. How close the election would be and the 7 hour time difference. I ended up staying up all night and morning to watch the election results, hoping for a miracle and practicing delivering my sessions. I finally crawled in to bed at 5 am local time, pulling the covers over me head wanting to shut out the world.

A few hours later I had to deliver my sessions – the first two of the day in my track. And then give an interview about the show. Despite being a tad tired, the sessions were well delivered and received. I didn’t look my best but certainly delivered it.

Check out a snippet of my interview!